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Our Events

  • 2nd Annual - Reclamation Women's Conference: Daughter Of The King
    2nd Annual - Reclamation Women's Conference: Daughter Of The King
    March 2024
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    March 2024
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
    This 8-part event series that was created and rooted in self-love and personal development, has changed to an ANNUAL EVENT held each March. This years event will take place in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida!!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Calling all companies that care about women! Our Atlanta event is the perfect place to show your support. Sponsor us and help inspire a new generation of strong, confident women. Let's make a difference together!

8 CITIES IN 2023

This 8-part event series is for women who want more out of life.  These women also, understand that "more" starts inside.  The event will also be available via live stream if you happen to be unable to attend.


As women our nature is to nurture, consistently pouring from empty cups, and questioning "Am I good enough?”  All while society spins a false narrative of women not being able to "get along".  Believing that will lead most to feeling like no one can understand them or they have to figure everything out alone. That is simply not true. 


If any of this resonates with you, Reclamation is going to blow your mind!

We are having "the conversations", providing tools, and resources that excite the beauty of living and being a woman. Get ready to expand your current circle of support, have fun, and move towards your purpose.

Special guest speakers, celebratory toast, and brunch will be provided at this live recorded event. 

Come and be replenished with the love, support, and resources to help you reclaim your crown and authority as A Daughter of the King.  

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