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Our Packages

Being a part of WHS comes with a lot of benefits. It offers many opportunities for women to become a part of something far more significant than their conventional roles. 

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    Every month
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    • Full Access to Girls Chat Night "PJ's and Pinot Noir"
    • SMS Affirmations, Prayers and Motivation
    • Bi-Monthly Etiquette Class
    • Invitation to Exclusive Events
    • Networking Events

Perks of Membership

Being a part of WHS comes with a lot of benefits. It offers many opportunities for women to become a part of something far more significant than their conventional roles. A membership in WHS is something that will value you in the longer run. Below is the list of all our membership perks you will learn to leverage. We ensure that all our members are well taken care of and receive something that will stick with them for the long run. 

Traveling and Retreats

Women live a hectic schedule. Some of us manage household chores by crushing office work. However, it weighs down on our health and leaves us drained. The solution? A big break that sets everything suitable for us.
A membership at WHS will provide you with that big break. Our travelling packages and retreats are designed to give you maximum relief and provide you with just what you want. So pack your bags, and prepare to let go of all the stresses and worries. Your dream vacation awaits! 

Networking and Social Events 

Nobody can deny the power of networking in this modern era. Socialization with the right people can upscale your skill level and give you a proper direction in any field you are looking for. In this modern era, women must find robust networks to build opportunities for themselves. Whether seeking emotional, personal and professional support or finding the professional support that might give you what you are looking for, that network that might boost your career, WSH has got it all. Often, ladies who join our membership have reported meeting the right influential people and upscaling their careers. 


Our coaching entails a list of packages, each suited for different purposes. Usually, we provide coaching for lifestyle, as well as business. In lifestyle coaching, you get a perfect guide to personal development. You will start finding all the wrong mental patterns that might inhibit your growth and stop you from reaching your fullest potential. Lifestyle coaches of WSH ensure that you express your vulnerability and become aware of your weakness while at the same time not letting it hinder your progress. 

Business coaching, on the other hand, is entirely different. If you are a female entrepreneur looking to establish yourself as a leader in your field, this package is just for you. Your business coach will teach you what works and what doesn’t in the competitive world of industries. The coaches we hire are accomplished people in their respective fields and will do their best to ensure their achievements also become yours. 

Investment Group

Women of modern times need to know about financial literacy and management. In the era where women are becoming leaders in the industries of finance and management, they must hone their skills and learn powerful skills which will aid them in the future. Even if they aren’t professionals, learning about investment never hurts.
The steps that you will learn to take now will benefit you in the longer run. Women who learn to build assets and become aware of financial decisions become financially independent. In this membership perk, women members of WSH learn to acquire assets, build wealth and learn to leverage their residual income. 
The professionals you will interact with are high achievers who have successfully used their techniques to create a successful life for themselves. Now, that success will be yours. 

Image by Jens Lindner

If you are ready to live the life of your dreams and start living to your fullest potential, click here to apply for membership

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