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Where We Become Better Together

"Never Underestimate Vision, When Will And Purpose Are In Alignment."

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Well-Heeled Society (WHS)

A Society Focused on Personal, Financial and Social Empowerment 

Where Women Decide To Look Less Like Their Pain and More Like Their Purpose

There has never been a time more right than the current moment. If you have felt the need to change things for the better, now is your chance. It’s time for you to become a part of a community that values you and will allow you to reach your full potential free of hurdles.

Providing a Safe Place for Women

Finding Personal and Professional Support

Finding New Opportunities

 Finding a Greater Purpose

Finding a Squad of Classic Baddies


I am Felicia. Welcome to Well-Heeled Society!

A Community to feel Safe, Secure and Seen 

We are more alike than you may think.  Let's see if you can relate to my story?


Attempting to do something that’s never been done, will always seem impossible to people with a limited vision of you or themselves. When people only see the now, they often forget who gave you the vision in the first place. 

Faith in God’s promise has allowed me to walk into doors, boardrooms, on stages and run companies where statistics said I wasn’t qualified for.  Often times being the only black female but always leaving those spaces better than I found them… WON’T HE DO IT?!


At Well-Heeled Society, we redefine trauma and inspire women to live a life of abundance.

We provide monthly group chat sessions, personal development tools, business coaching, group travels, events, business coaching, and money mindset coaching to help you achieve your  goals.

We want you to experience so much growth and fun, you never have to worry about imposter syndrome or lack of support again.



Finding a Greater Purpose

There is no greater satisfaction than finding your innate purpose.


Women have always been born with ambitions that outweigh their conventional societal roles. A woman is a caretaker, a mother and a house builder. However, she is also a professional, a leader and an insightful businesswoman. She is also the building block of the next generation.


WHS makes sure that women of our community find their greater purpose. When they connect with other female professionals working in various fields and realize that they could do much more than what they have been led to believe, they realize their fullest potential. That is when the true awakening begins.


Women who become a part of WHS become a part of something far greater than what they had imagined in their lives.



Perks of Membership

Traveling and Retreats

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When you hang out with supportive, ambitious women, your manifested life will discover more solutions than problems! Roll with us and love the life you create.


What people have to say?

"Felicia has been an excellent asset to my business. She’s swift to think of many great ideas, knows how to execute and she’s very knowledgeable. She’s been able to push me and help me move at a quicker pace to accomplish my goals. She’s truly the best at what she does!!" -​

Bri, Owner of Awaken Dreamz Pro Make-Up Artist & Creative Stylist

Have you ever been in contact with someone who is so incredibly inspiring, motivating, authentic, and relatable!? I have!! These last 2 months have been life changing for me.  I'm so ecstatic about this new year. I pray a that God continues to bless me with positive friends, colleagues, and coaches.  Thank you so much Felicia!!

Shameka S.

"Felicia is like the big sister I never had!! She understood what I needed to get more of my ideal clients, increase my bottom line and how to create additional income streams from my one business!!"  

Brittney K., Social Media Manager

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